The Ayurvedic Woman

Hosted by: Dr. Satyavani Gayatri + The Woman Warrior Team

Empowering women to light their lives on fire through Ayurveda, Yoga, Spirituality and Fitness.

The NEW Ayurvedic Woman Podcast

Season #7 June 5, 2023
This is a brief introduction to the NEW Ayurvedic Woman podcast. Dr. Satyavani tells us about the new changes the show is going to have beginning June 2023.

The Anatomy of Confidence

Season #6 February 9, 2023
Confidence is enlightenment. Enlightenment about your self. This is the anatomy of confidence.
If one of the goals in this science of life or in life in general is to keep the body in a state of health and free from disease then we have to work on strengthening our confidence, just like a muscle so it does not atrophy. If we want to use this health as a basis of, or as part of, the path to enlightenment we have to cultivate, nurture, strengthen, experience and
embody confidence.
Confidence is enlightenment.

Why You Need To Be An Ayurvedic Woman. Seriously.

Season #6 November 7, 2022
In this episode, Dr. Satyavani talks about the upcoming 2023 Ayurvedic Woman Program and how it can solve your pain point and turn it into power.

Yoga Nidra for Spiritual Development

Season #6 November 1, 2022
In this episode Dr. Satyavani guides you through a yoga nidra for spiritual development. In order for us to move from pain to power we must engage in practices that get to the root of our pain in a non-attached way. We call this being the witness or witness consciousness.

From Pain To Power

Season #6 October 12, 2022
Pain is an interesting thing. As mentioned, there is physical pain, mental pain, emotional pain and even spiritual pain - especially when we are on the precipice of a major shift and change. In Ayurveda, the idea of pain and how it manifests is a symptom of imbalanced Vata dosha. Air and ether elements. It is also rajasic in nature. Shift, change, instability. How do we turn pain into power?

The Politics of Body Type

Season #6 June 2, 2022
In today's world there is a lot of confusion about health and physical body type. In this episode Dr. Satyavani talks about what is considered a healthy body from an Ayurvedic perspective and not from a marketing and fashion mind.

The Ayurveda 108

Season #6 May 8, 2022
The Ayurveda 108 Challenge starts on June 21st and continues for 108 days. This is for women that want to get reset, renewed and rejuvenated in all aspects of their lives. 8 simple daily activities are part of this program as well as a support community and a myriad of other goodies. In this episode, Dr. Satyavani explains in detail about the program and how it is better than any traditional cleansing program because it works all aspects of a woman's life. Take a listen and then register to be part of the program regardless of where you are in the world. https://www.satyavanirising.com/woman-warrior-retreats

The Importance of Consistency

Season #6 April 14, 2022
Consistency produces long-term results. Short bursts that are scattered do not. Whatever goal you set for yourself, consistency is the key to success. And how do you stay consistent? You do the do every day. Especially when it’s hard. So, when you are honest with yourself, can you say that you are a consistent person? Truthfully? If not, why? What can you do to shift that in the direction of long-term positive results? Want to get consistent and produce the results you want for your life? The Ayurveda 108 opens May 1st. This is a 108 day program for women that want to step into their power and live their best life authentically. For 108 days you will go through a process of purification and strengthening on the level of the mind, the body and the spirit by engaging in eight simple activities per day. It’s all about consistency. You will learn things about yourself that you never knew and be able to do things you never thought possible. This program is set to change your current state into a state of true Warriorhood. An upcoming video podcast is coming with more details. In the meantime check it out on my website - www.satyavanirising.com and click WW Activities. It opens on May 1st and regardless of where you live you can join. Want to transform your life? Step into the Ayurveda 108.

The Power of Tolerance

Season #6 April 8, 2022
Tolerance, the idea of contentment, is a precursor for action. If we are content with whatever is in front of us and have zero emotional reaction - whether attachment or disgust - we can always move forward. Tolerance gives us the ability to fortify. It means that we can literally take anything coming our way and be UN-phased. We can accept and then proceed on the path with no mental hopscotch or psychological drama. Want to be free of likes, dislikes and all the mental gymnastics that keep us tied up in our minds? Tolerance is the key.

The Choice of Time

Season #6 March 17, 2022
Time comes in two forms - linear and biological. Linear time we have no control over but biological time we do. Time can bring us into a state of health or dis-ease and it all comes down to how you spend your time. People will say they don’t have time to do the things that matter or the things that bring them closer to the life they desire. Not true. Time is linked to things like anxiety. In this video learn taking control of your biological time will change your life. The Woman Warrior Circle ⭕️ has started. Become a founding member at: www.satyavanirising.com.

The Gift of Anxiety

Season #6 March 15, 2022
What if anxiety was a gift that is pushing you to be your best self instead of a burden that you try to push away or get rid of? Ayurveda teaches us about the foundational principles underlying anxiety but what can we do to make it a super power rather than a space of lack?

It’s The Marathon, Not The Sprint

Season #6 February 1, 2022
Creating change in your life requires a few key ingredients to be long-lasting and sustainable. The ancient wisdom of Ayurveda explains how and Dr. Satyavani brings that wisdom into the modern day creating a plan for success.

Ayurvedic Women That Are Kicking Ass – Maria N.

Season #5 December 4, 2021
Meet Maria - veteran, musician, tech geek, member of the LGBTQ community and one of the most inspiring women I have met. Having grown up in Philadelphia, PA, Maria talks about moving from her Catholic roots into spirituality through the unfolding of yoga. This experience was so transformative that she has now written her first screenplay, Yogini. You're going to want to hear about this.

Ayurvedic Women That Are Kicking Ass – Ali R.

Season #5 October 1, 2021
One of the hardest jobs a woman can do is be a mother. On this episode we speak with Ali Roper and how as a single mother for most of her life raised her children with Ayurvedic and Yogic principles to help contribute to the world. Her work as a mother lead into intuitive body work and now the practice of Panchakarma. Learn how all of these elements come together and act as guiding principles for a full life for this extraordinary woman.      

Ayurvedic Women That Are Kicking Ass – Kristie W.

Season #5 September 24, 2021
A structural engineer, mathematician and extreme athlete - this is Kristie W. She then discovers after 14 years of doing design work in major urban settings that she takes her first yoga class and is hooked. Her whole life changes in that first 80-minute class and her journey to becoming a top-notch yoga teacher and inspiring personal trainer begins. This is the story of a woman that is changing bodies and lives one structure at a time.

Ayurvedic Women That Are Kicking Ass – Devapriya S.

Season #5 September 16, 2021
Food sobriety = empowerment. In this episode we speak with Devapriya, an Acharya, a foodie, a witch and a body ecologist through permaculture. This woman knows how to make tools and create tools that will change how you view the food you put into your body and redefine what the sacred really is.

Ayurvedic Women That Are Kicking Ass – Michelle B.

Season #5 September 9, 2021
Doing her dharma through the "photography as her tool" has moved Michelle Bliss' work from art to purpose. Her medium may be the camera but there is so much more behind the shutter. Listen in on how her work has blended the principles of yoga, Ayurveda and art into a life of full embodiment that has allowed for her to be an agent of change.

Ayurvedic Women That Are Kicking Ass – Magnolia Z.

Season #5 August 24, 2021
Do you want to know what it's like to be one of only 16 women in the world granted certification to teach Ashtanga Yoga straight from K. Pattabhi Jois? Want to know what it is like to then find out what a sexual predator in that world is like and to ultimately leave what you dedicated your life to? Magnolia Zuniga is NO JOKE. A feminist and activist on the other side of the #metoo movement.

Who Is The Ayurvedic Woman?

Season #5 August 23, 2021
As we open for Season 5, the Ayurvedic Woman Podcast is starting out of the gate with a series called: Ayurvedic Women That Are Kicking Ass. An Ayurvedic woman is living her life’s purpose, her dharma and you can see it on every square inch of her physical form and feel it in every square inch of her soul - the space of her true consciousness. She knows what she is supposed to do and is going to do it regardless of what anybody thinks because she knows that if she doesn’t she might as well be dead. She has a power and presence that is fierce, focused and full of love because she is in her flow. In the coming weeks and months you are going to hear from some amazing women that embody purpose and all of its beauty. You're not going to want to miss this.

The Path of the Kshatriya – Part 2

Season #5 July 16, 2021
What makes the warrior unique? In this podcast Dr. Satyavani explains the path of the Kshatriya through the modes of material nature- the gunas.

The Path of the Kshatriya – Part 1

Season #5 June 14, 2021
What is a Kshatriya and do any of them exist in our society today? In this episode, Dr. Satyavani introduces the notion of the warrior and how being on the spiritual and Ayurvedic path requires this kind of mindset.

The Sadhana of Food – Part 4

Season #5 May 11, 2021
In this episode Dr. Satyavani wraps up her thoughts on important rituals one can practice in order to maintain a healthy relationship between your digestion and your life giving food.

The Sadhana of Food Part 3

Season #5 April 20, 2021
In this episode of the Ayurvedic Woman podcast Dr. Satyavani keeps with the series on food and our relationship to it. Here she discusses ritual and its importance in order to reconnect with that which nourishes us and contributes to our health.

The Sadhana of Food Part 2

Season #5 March 22, 2021
In this episode Dr. Satyavani continues the conversation about food and recommends we all go into "food therapy" to re-establish our relationship with the very life-force that nourishes us and is a gift from nature.

The Sadhana of Food Part 1

Season #5 March 17, 2021
What do we take in as nourishment and is it making us healthy or depriving us of vitality? In this first segment on the Sadhana of Food Dr. Satyavani introduces the idea, based in Ayurvedic wisdom, what nourishment is on all levels of our being.

Take Charge of Your Health NOW

Season #5 March 1, 2021
In this episode Dr. Satyavani discusses the importance of taking charge of your health now in an era of COVID fear through the lens of Ayurveda, TCM and Functional Medicine. TRUE Health is about personal responsibility and standing in one's power. How can you take care of yourself in a mindful way that gives birth to the soul and not Big Pharma?

Where Did Ayurveda Come From?: Samkhya Philosophy Part 3

Season #5 February 18, 2021
In this episode we wrap us the origins of Ayurveda and how it all unfolded into the medical science that is still practiced today from its roots 5k years ago.

Where Did Ayurveda Come From? Samkhya Philosophy Part 2

Season #5 January 25, 2021
In this episode Dr. Satyavani continues speaking about the evolution Samkhya Philosophy and the origins of Ayurveda. How did the cosmos produce all that we see in the world? Check it out and find out.

Where Did Ayurveda Come From?: Samkhya Philosophy Part 1

Season #5 January 10, 2021
How did Ayurveda come into being? In this episode Dr. Satyavani talks about where this ancient medical science heralds from 5,000 years ago. Happy New Year ?

How Can The Quantum Field Help Us Heal?

Season #5 January 1, 2021
In this first episode of 2021, Dr. Satyavani plays host to Ms. Jessie Bryant and Ms. Katie Packwood, two intuitives and healers, that are working with Scalar Tesla energy through a device known as the RASHA to assist in full being healing at the quantum level. You're going to want to hear this.


Season #4 December 14, 2020
What is Samadhi + is it a place or a state of being achievable in this life? In this episode find out what Patanjali meant by Samadhi as we reach the final limb of his 8-Fold Path.


Season #4 November 26, 2020
The 7th limb of Patanjali’s eight limbed (Ashtanga) path is absorption, often considered meditation ?? Are the two the same?


Season #4 November 23, 2020
The 6th Limb of Patanjali's Yoga Sutra gives us insight into what real concentration is and how it is different from meditation. The struggle to gain concentration is part of the process.


Season #4 October 31, 2020
Pratyahara is derived from two Sanskrit words: prati and ahara, with ahara meaning food, or anything taken into ourselves, and prati, a preposition meaning away or against. Together they mean "weaning away from ahara", or simply ingestion. What is the benefit of withdrawing our senses? The way to consciousness is going inward and the way to dis-ease is going outward.


Season #4 October 25, 2020
Sutra 2.49 says: Tasmin satisvasa prasvasayoh gativicchedah pranayamah Tasmin -  on this sati – being accomplished svasa – inbreath, inhalation prasvasayoh – outbreath, exhalation gati – movement, motion, path vicchedah – cessation, stop pagepranayamah – ­regulation. Pranayama is the regulation of the incoming and outgoing flow of breath with retention.  It is to be practiced only after perfection in asana is achieved. It's more then just breathing friends.


Season #4 October 8, 2020
The third limb on Patanjali's 8-Limbed path tells us more about the inner workings of ourselves than the outer workings. What sensations are we accepting and which are we rejecting?


Season #4 September 11, 2020
Are we innately violent as a species or is it conditional?

The Power of the Chakras

Season #4 September 8, 2020
Our subtle body has so much to tell us about consciousness. The Chakras are the gateway to higher vibrations of the true self. Enjoy this brief piece on these "wheels of life" and then drop into Yoga Nidra on this episode of the Ayurvedic Woman.

We Are All Just Prana

Season #4 September 6, 2020
We tend to think of ourselves as amazingly complex beings when in reality we are all just energy. If we tapped into this idea we could become closer to consciousness and see the oneness we all have rather then the separateness.

All We Can Do Is Surrender

Season #3 August 21, 2020
Why is resistance so high in our lives and surrender so low? Did you know that we can get lessons and information just by the act of surrendering? Less surrender = more dis-ease on all levels of our being. Why do we do this and how can we stop it?

The Fire of Transformation & The Unknown

Season #3 August 13, 2020
How much trust do you have in the unknown? What about when you are in the middle of the fire? In this episode Dr. Satyavani discusses the transformational power of fire and how if we let ourselves burn we can reach a higher sense of consciousness that is more freeing then the material plane.

How Do We Transition Into the Next Plane of Consciousness Gracefully? An Interview with Marady Leary

Season #3 July 25, 2020
Have you thought about the next life? Spiritual transition and the process of leaving the material plane? On this episode Marady Leary discusses what it means to be afraid of death, face it head on and help others transition peacefully and gracefully through the work of a Life Transition Doula. You're not going to want to miss this.

Bapuji’s Bookshelf: The Guru Mantra by Gita Installment 2

Season #3 July 24, 2020
As we continue to get the teachings of Swami Kripalu out into the world through Bapuji's Bookshelf, we share with you on this episode of the Ayurvedic Woman podcast, the beautiful chanting of Acharya Gita as she shares her Kripalu Artifact - Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya.

Bapuji’s Bookshelf: The Teachings of Swami Kripalu Installment 1

Season #3 July 23, 2020
In this installment of the Ayurvedic Woman, Dr. Satyavani shares the beginnings of a project, Bapuji's Bookshelf, she and two Acharya sisters - DevaPriya and Gita - are working on in a quest to bring the teachings of the lineage forward through a series living artifacts. This episode focuses on the way Swami Kripalu defined Love and not in the way that we have come to understand it's construct in our modern culture but rather through a higher sense of consciousness.

Tarot As a Tool for Spiritual Practice – An Interview with Jessie Bryant

Season #3 July 21, 2020
There are so many different ways to approach spiritual practice and glean insight into our dharma. In this interview with Jessie Bryant, of TaroTarot, we learn how this ancient spiritual and mystical practice can help guide us through the big questions of life.

Soil Health: Environmental Activism with Kendra Mittleider

Season #3 July 19, 2020
Dr. Satyavani has the privilege to have on her show @KendraMittleider - Soil Health Activist and Educator in all things Green Yoga ?‍♀️ and Sustainability. Kendra shares her story about how she was lead to her dharma and how she is opening it up at the @zenspotinstitute with her first course of the Green Yoga ?‍♂️ & Sustainability Program - Starting from the Ground Up - this September!

Ayurveda & Women’s Health: An Interview by Ariel Zachow (Compassion As My Compass Podcast)

Season #3 July 17, 2020
In this episode of the Ayurvedic Woman, Dr. Satyavai is interviewed her incredible journey with yoga and ayurveda, and talks about the importance of Ayurveda in woman's health.

Anandamayakosha: The Bliss Sheath

Season #3 July 9, 2020
Is the Bliss Body attached to us or is it a higher state of consciousness? How can we ever get there? Find out on this final episode on the koshas as Dr. Satyavani explores the subtlest of all the veils.

Vijnanomayakosha: The Wisdom Sheath

Season #3 July 3, 2020
Why don't we listen to our innate wisdom as much as we should? The Wisdom Sheath is calling us to be "the witness." Swami Kripalu taught that all contemplative practices are designed to foster what he called “self-observation without judgment”—what he called “witness consciousness.” Let's do more of that, shall we?  

Manomayakosha: The Mental-Emotional Sheath

Season #3 June 30, 2020
Is the mind our true consciousness? How does it function and why do we assume our thoughts are our reality. The manomayakosha the mental-emotional illusion sheath is a trickster and in this episode Dr. Satyavani explains why.

Pranamayakosha: The Energy Sheath

Season #3 June 26, 2020
The energy body is the core of who we are. It is the bridge between the physical and subtle bodies. How are you using your Prana these days?

The Annamayakosha: The Food Sheath

Season #3 June 22, 2020
The body is the temple for the soul as the ancients would say. How does the food body get us closer to enlightenment?

The Koshas: The Layers of the Self

Season #3 June 19, 2020
Why do we cover ourselves? What does the Taittriya Upanishad tell us about the layers of the Koshas of the veils of the self?

What Can Jyotish Astrology Tell Us?

Season #2 June 11, 2020
In this episode Dr. Satyavani interviews Casey Scott, Vedic Astrologer, about the science ? of light and asks what we can learn about the world right now through the lens of Jyotish.

Essential Oils for Ayurveda – An Interview with Dr. Heather Lowe

Season #2 June 10, 2020
Have you ever thought of Essential Oils as plant medicine? Do you want to incorporate them into your Ayurvedic protocol? Good! In this episode, Dr. Satyavani interviews Dr. Heather Lowe, Doctor of Physical Therapy, Functional Medicine Specialist and Aromatherapy Practitioner, who shares with us great ways to incorporate these earth medicinals into our lives and how they can assist with a lot of common states of dis-ease.

What Do You Do?

Season #2 June 8, 2020
In this episode Maria Niglio finishes her interview with Dr. Satyavani and asks what spiritual study and application look like. Why inquire into the self?

I Practice Yoga + Ayurveda

Season #2 June 6, 2020
Practicing Yoga ?‍♀️ and Ayurveda always as a student. We are always students first and our connection to the divine is the most important relationship we will ever have.

Always In Sadhana

Season #2 June 4, 2020
Sadhana is spiritual practice and incorporates more then body based asana. How do we apply this in our daily lives?

Spiritual Teachers + Gurus On My Path

Season #2 June 2, 2020
Who are the teachers that changed my life and how did I find my gurus? Maria Niglio asks Dr. Satyavani about her path to becoming an Acharya.

Īśvarapraṇidhāna: Surrender to the Divine

Season #2 June 1, 2020
What does ego surrender look like? What if we let it all go? Would we find joy? Listen in on how the surrender of the ego is a rebirth and establishes us firmly in karmic work and the path to samadhi.

Svadhyaya : Self Study

Season #2 May 28, 2020
Studying the scriptures and applying them to the examination of the self can be one of the hardest activities we can do on the path to spiritual awakening. Why is this important? Find out why in this episode. ?♥️??‍♀️?

Tapas: Heat

Season #2 May 27, 2020
What does the fire ? of transformation feel like? The ancient yogis ?‍♀️ understood the importance of dedicated and committed practice on the path of freedom. What can we learn from them?

Santosa: Contentment

Season #2 May 24, 2020
How can we be content in a world that is feeding and literally banking on us being discontent? It comes down to three simple words that the yogis knew: Infinite. Eternal. Whole. You can be content right now. Find out how.

Sauca: Purity

Season #2 May 22, 2020
The first Niyama of the 10 guiding yogic principles is Sauca meaning purity. Inner and outer purity matters on the yogic path and they have an intimate relationship. Find out what that relationship is and how that affects the journey of spiritual practice.

Aparigraha: Non-Hoarding

Season #2 May 18, 2020
In a culture that wants us to buy and consume all the time how do we de-clutter so we can listen to the heart song? In the episode learn about the final Yama in this series in the Yamas and Niyamas and why having less is more on the spiritual journey. ?♥️

Bramacharya: Abstinence & Control of the Senses

Season #2 May 17, 2020
We often cringe when we are asked to control our tendency toward self indulgent behavior because we are told from an early age that life is to be enjoyed. Listen in and get a new perspective on why a little Bramacharya goes a long way.

Asteya: Non-Stealing

Season #2 May 15, 2020
What is your definition of stealing? In yogic literature this has a larger context then just taking an object that is not yours. Listen in and find out why Asteya is the third Yama in the path of liberation.

Satya: Truthfulness

Season #2 May 14, 2020
In this episode we discuss the the second Yama - Truthfulness and its expansive definition according to the teachings of yoga ?‍♀️ It is beyond just telling or not telling lies.

Ahimsa: Non Violence

Season #2 May 13, 2020
In this episode of the Ayurvedic Woman podcast the discussion is around Ahimsa, non-violence, in the yogic scriptures and the power of living in this way in a world ? that is ever changing. This is part 1 of a 10 part series in core principles of yogic living known as the Yamas and Niyamas.

Why Now Is The Time To Study Yoga?

Season #2 May 13, 2020
The world ? is in the midst of a great transformation where we have a unique opportunity to create a different way of being. In this episode of the Ayurvedic Woman Podcast Dr. Satyavani discusses why now is the time to study yoga ?‍♂️ ?‍♀️ and create a better future.

The 20 Attributes

Season #1 May 8, 2020
Did you know that Ayurveda uses 20 attributes to determine constitution and the inclination toward dis-ease? In this episode Dr. Satyavani take a dive into these attributes and their relationship to the doshas.

The 5 Elements of Health

Season #1 May 7, 2020
In Ayurveda, health is discussed through the elements. How does this add up to a state of ease or dis-ease? Find out as Dr. Satyavani discusses this great blueprint in this episode.

What is the nature of dis-ease?

Season #1 May 6, 2020
Disease is frequently spoken about in the world ? of Medicine. Ayurveda gets to the root of why we experience “unhealth” and it’s not what you would expect.

Ayurvedic Methodology

Season #1 May 5, 2020
What is the methodology behind the power of Ayurveda? What shastras are called upon to guide this great science? Find out more in this episode.

Where Does Ayurvedic Medicine Come From?

Season #1 May 4, 2020
In this episode Dr. Satyavani discuss the brief and mystical history of Ayurveda and the roots that have lead to its application in the west.

Yoga ?‍♀️ Nidra + Chanting with Malika

Season #1 April 29, 2020
Just when you thought yoga Nidra could not get better Malika Rajan adds chanting to her session to make it a blissful state of consciousness.

What Does Transformation Look Like?

Season #1 April 29, 2020
In this episode Dr. Satyavani is interviewed by marketing expert Ann Allyn on the work of transformation and the journey of the self.

Svastha: What is True Health in Ayurveda?

Season #1 April 27, 2020
Many think that true health is strictly based in the condition our physical vessel is in. Ayurveda tells us that this is not true. Find out the secret to true health in this episode of the Ayurvedic Woman podcast.

Ojas: The Vigor of Life

Season #1 April 25, 2020
Ojas is our mojo and we want to protect it. In this episode find out what this vigor does for us and why we need to take care of it.

What is Agni & Why Is it Important?

Season #1 April 24, 2020
Agni (digestive fire ?) is spoken about a lot in Ayurveda and gives us information about imbalance and dis-ease in the body. Find out what it is and why it is so important on this episode of the Ayurvedic Woman Podcast.

Cross-Cultural Women’s Empowerment

Season #1 April 23, 2020
What is Women’s Empowerment? What does it look like across the globe ?? Join Dr. Satyavani and her colleague and friend Renu Gulati as they discuss how women express their feminine divine across cultures.

Conversations with Bess: Oath of God

Season #1 April 19, 2020
Have you ever had a conversation with someone that was channeling a message to you from God? On Good Friday this year this happened to me. Her name was Bess and it was not a coincidence.

I Have No Control: Discoveries on the Yogic Path

Season #1 April 15, 2020
In this episode Dr. Satyavani tells María Niglio, a screen writer, that the hardest and best lesson yoga has taught her is about the power of thinking we are in control.

Sanatan Dharma + Sattvavijaya Chikitsa

Season #1 April 15, 2020
In this episode Dr. Satyavani discusses the Yogic concept of Sanatan Dharma - we are the Soul and not the body and the Ayurvedic concept of Sattvavijaya Chikitsa. In a world where there is constant dis-ease what is the path toward health? Do we do what we have always done or can we break the pattern and see things in a different way and get back on the path of health?

Kapha Dosha & The Season of Spring

Season #1 April 9, 2020
Learn about the importance of Spring in Ayurveda and best practices that can be performed to maximize digestion, survive seasonal allergies and cleanse the body.

Respiratory Health: East Meets West Medicine

Season #1 April 7, 2020
Join Dr. Heather Lowe, Dr. Michael Bittner, Dr. Satyavani Gayatri and Jyotishi Casey Scott As they discuss what is happening with our respiratory systems as a whole from a Vedic and western perspective and what we can do collectively to address it.

Darshan + Pranayam + Nidra

Season #1 April 6, 2020
Take some time to listen to the wise words of Swami Kripalu as he shares in a Darshan (holy sighting) on Sattvic (balanced and whole) Giving. Then take those words and insights into a Pranayam and Nidra practice.

The People Come First Segment 2

Season #1 April 4, 2020
How do Ayurvedic and Yogic principles apply to our society? Listen to this episode with guest Dr. Michael Bittner and hear about how Panchakarma and the spiritual shastras give us guidance to live better.

I AM Yoga Nidra with Malika Rajan

Season #1 March 29, 2020
After a conversation with Dr. Satyavani about the deep practice of Yoga Nidra Malika shares a session of her’s with the AW Podcast audience. Jai Bhagwan and enjoy ?

The Deep Practice of Yoga Nidra with Guest Malika Rajan

Season #1 March 29, 2020
Yoga Nidra is not just an ancient practice of meditation but it is a balancing practice from a doshic perspective in Ayurveda. In this episode Dr. Satyavani speaks with her lineage sister Malika Rajan in the process of yoga Nidra and it’s benefits for life.

The People Come First – Activism Through Yogic & Taoist Principles

Season #1 March 27, 2020
In this episode of the Ayurvedic Woman Dr. Satyavani discusses activism as part of our democratic rights and social responsibility to one another with her guest Dr. & Priest Michael Bittner. The ancient Yogis and Rishis were advocates for just and right living. We are in a time of great crisis where it is even more important to advocate for one another.

Experiments With Religion & Spirituality

Season #1 March 25, 2020
In this episode of the Ayurvedic Woman, Dr. Satyavani Gayatri provides insight on religion and spirituality as part of her personal experience.

Yoga Nidra for a Calm Mind

Season #1 March 25, 2020
In these stressful times a calm mind is key to high ojas and low ama. Relax and let go.

The Beginnings of My Spiritual Journey – An Interview With Maria Niglio

Season #1 March 19, 2020
In this episode of the Ayurvedic Woman, Dr. Satyavani Gayatri is interviewed by Maria Niglio for an upcoming screenplay she is writing about the yogic path in the west. Here Satyavani tells how she started her journey with asana and how it changed her life and set the stage for her Acharya initiation.

Immunity Boosting Techniques

Season #1 March 19, 2020
Learn what you can do to boost your immune system from an Ayurvedic perspective with foods and activities.

What is Ayurveda?

Season #1 March 16, 2020
In this episode learn what Ayurveda is as Dr. Satyavani reads from the first Ayurveda book she ever purchased over 26 years ago.

Ayurvedic Woman Trailer

Season #1 March 15, 2020
Who is the Ayurvedic Woman and what is this podcast about?

Ayurvedic Woman Music Opening

Season #1 March 15, 2020
Short Introduction and Welcome to the Podcast.