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Connect with women that will inspire you to be your most authentic self and live your best life.

About Activities

WW Activities are short (2-5 day) and long (6-108 day) opportunities to take pause, get grounded, learn and open to inspiration with other women through Ayurveda, Yoga and intentional connection. Learn Ayurvedic health principles that can be applied to your life immediately, enjoy yoga and meditation practices, delight in Ayurvedic cooking. Most importantly, learn more about yourself.

Today's world demands so much from women so it is important to replenish your life force, your "mojo" so you are not continuously pouring from an empty cup.

WW Activities are an opportunity to connect with other women that are interested in living a full and healthy life but sometimes hit some stumbling blocks. Your guides on in these activities will help you move past blocks so you can live your best life radiantly.

WW Activities are Ayurvedic and Yoga driven experiences and education that bring women together in interesting and creative ways. This can include dining events, seasonal talks, health and wellness sessions, Ayurveda therapeutic sessions and a myriad of other educational and fun spaces to interact in-person and online. To keep the relationships and education going all women are encouraged to join the Woman Warrior Circle community. This is a great virtual space to stay connected and share.

The Ayurveda 108

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Launches: Tuesday, June 21, 2022


This 108 Day Program is for women that want to step into their power and live their best life authentically. It requires preparation. It requires process. It requires patience, self-examination and focus. You cannot have it NOW, you have to prepare and allow for it to unfold. Becoming is a process and great care must be taken and diligence is required. This is where goals become vision and vision becomes lifestyle.

The Ayurveda 108 program begins with conditioning. We cannot jump from where we are now into being a woman warrior without extensive preparation and conditioning. We must get the mind, body and spirit into a new set of positive habits.

For 108 days (3.5 months) you will go through a process of purification and strengthening on the level of the mind, the body and the soul by engaging in eight simple activities per day that cover your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self. You will log these activities daily, you will post about them in the online woman warrior circle and on social media (#ayurveda108), you will share about them and you will ask questions about them. This is how you evolve. This is how you train - in community with the support of other women just like you. You are not alone.

If you miss an activity on any day along the path you go back to Day 1 and start over.
You can always begin again. You can do this.

Book your spot today, be accountable, be consistent and transform. Be part of the movement.

What does this include?

-Program manual.
-Weekly Empowerment Talk
-Daily activity log.
-Online resources in Ayurveda, Yoga, + Spiritual practice.
-Online reading list.
-Monthly LIVE forum discussion.
-Support videos and podcasts.
-Free Woman Warrior Circle membership for 4 months.

Cost: $324.00. ($108/mo.)


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The Woman Warrior Summer 2022 Pop-Up Series


Join the Woman Warrior Circle and enjoy all 4 live sessions with your sisters in the Boise Metro Area.

Book the series for $75 or each individual session for $25.

June 24, 6pm - Hike with Jen at Military Reserve, Boise

July 15, 9am - Strength training with Amy, Kleiner Park, Meridian

Aug 12, 9am - Flow with Nathaly, Sunset Park, Boise

Sept 24, 9am - Qigong-Yoga with Dr. Michael and Dr. Satyavani, Julia Davis Park, Boise

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