What's Your Body's Purpose?

We tend to take for granted the physical body and just drag it through life with no purpose or mission. Why? Why not have a purpose and mission with your body like all other aspects of your life and layers of your self.
In this episode, Dr. Satyavani + Prajna Madhavi discuss the importance of having a purpose for your Annamaya Kosha - your physical, food body sheath - and how that will help you in living a life of purpose.

A Year of Purpose - 2024

Welcome to 2024 - Your Year of Purpose!
In this episode Dr. Satyavani + Prajna Madhavi talk about setting yourself up to live 2024 with acute focus. They discuss how they will be focusing each quarter on a different aspect of purpose to get you to where you want to be by the end of the year.
Q1: Establishing Your Purpose
Q2: Building Your Purpose Q3: Manifesting Your Purpose
Q4: Living Your Purpose
Podcast guests and discussion will be around this topic and how the Vedic Sciences help shape your direction in life on all levels of the self: physical, energetic, mental-emotional, consciousness + spiritual.
Buckle Up! It's going to be a great year!
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