The Importance of Momentum

In this episode Dr. Satyavani and Prajna Madhavi discuss momentum in life as a key component for living well and success in any life task. The Vedas teach us about momentum and how it plays out in our daily physical and energetic life. You have to have momentum in order to see where you are moving forward and where you may be declining. Also, they discuss how you should never let anyone fuck up your momentum.

Leading By Example

In this episode Dr. Satyavani + co-host Prajna Madhavi talk about what leading by example actually means and how it applies to the karmic term Vasana, meaning "smell."

They also discuss their experience in India and Nepal this past month and how the food and the atmosphere are more supportive of the body, mind and spirit than what is consumed in the U.S.

Female Power Circles

In this episode Dr. Satyavani + co-host Prajna Madhavi discuss female power circles from a 5-point perspective: 1. Why you cannot do it alone. 2. Why you need a female power circle. 3. What these circles REALLY look like. 4. What these circles don’t look like. 5. The value these circles bring. Let us know what you think.

The Shakti Effect

Shakti is energy and very specifically female divine energy. It can also be cultivated and transmitted to create a positive effect in the world.
In this podcast Dr. Satyavani Gayatri and Prajna Madhavi talk about what Shakti is and how women can create the Shakti Effect through their current campaign in the Woman Warrior Academy.
Read Dr. Satyavani's new best seller - From Pain To Power- and join the program - The Ayurveda 108 - that begins this August 28th. Then pass this information off to another woman in your life and create the Shakti Effect in your community.

From Pain To Power Book Launch - Woman Warriors Unite!

In this episode Dr. Satyavani is interviewed about her new Best Selling book - From Pain To Power: Becoming A Woman Warrior Through Your Biggest Struggles and Most Challenging Times - by her lead Acharya Woman Warriors - Jnanavati Shastri, Dakshina Wood, + Prajna Madhavi.

Why she wrote this book and what is the Shakti Effect she hopes to gain from it as well as creating a movement of women across the continent and the world.

Check it out and become part of the Woman Warrior Academy: or follow on Instagram @satyavanigayatri or Facebook @SatyavaniRising.

The World of Accumulation, Aggravation + Alleviation

Pathogenesis is how a dis-ease unfolds and doshas are the cause of dis-ease. In both our bodies and in life we go through these three natural stages – accumulation, aggravation + alleviation. This is all normal and all of it is influenced by our age, the seasons, the time of day, and the climate. But, how do we manage this outside of our physical bodies and within society? What can we do about our tendency to live in extremes?

In this episode of the NEW Ayurvedic Woman podcast Dr. Satyavani and co-host Prajna Madhavi provide some insights on how to stay in balance not only physically but also through daily life where societal extremes have become the norm but don't have to.

The NEW Ayurvedic Woman Podcast

This is a brief introduction to the NEW Ayurvedic Woman podcast. Dr. Satyavani tells us about the new changes the show is going to have beginning June 2023.